Maxim Sarychev
Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building
Russian Federation

Project idea

The idea of the project is expressed in the use of the sea as the main dominant, as well as the use of environmentally friendly materials, which are associated with the environment that exists around, as well as the relief, which perfectly reveals the strong side of the project.

Project description

The project consists of 3 blocks, which are interconnected on each floor, since the object is distributed over the relief, each floor has an individual layout.

On the 1st floor are the main entrances to the building, unloading people, bike parking and a bar that overlooks the helipad. You can go down the stairs to the very bottom of the building to an additional entrance under the console, looking at the beauty of the surroundings along the way.

From the 1st floor you can immediately get to the 3 main blocks of the building. At the entrance you will be met by the reception and the main premises for storing and unloading luggage, a group with limited mobility can safely enter the building and they will be assisted in moving around the facility. The left block consists of rooms with access to the terraces where you can relax, swim in the jacuzzi, sit with your family. The right block is equipped with the main premises for serving people, banks, storage, first aid, currency exchange, as well as a restaurant. Once in the area with numbers, you can either go to your room, or go to the elevator, or enjoy the light dynamics, which is created thanks to the rhythmic lanterns on the roof.

The 1st floor has the largest elevation above the sea, about 50 meters, at the end of the console are the royal rooms.

From the 1st floor you can get to the roof of the building, which is equipped with sunbeds, seating areas and a green roof, at the end of the console on the roof, there are places for various events and wedding ceremonies.

The 2nd floor is the same living quarters, with access to a large area for recreation and various events, there are also rooms for a large number of people with a tavern and a grill, as well as offices and the first floor of the restaurant. This floor is equipped with rooms for maintenance and operation of the building.

The 3rd floor of the building is the main block with rooms for serving people, hairdressers, coaching rooms. Including living rooms.

The 4th floor is a recreation area in the gym, swimming pool, as well as the opportunity to relax on the terraces. Living rooms end on this floor.

At the base of the building there is an additional floor in order to get into the object and go to the underground parking and elevator.

All floors can be reached using the central staircase, it is possible to drive up to the building, leave and unload on each floor.

The main feature of the building is that it hangs over the sea, which gives not only an incredible feeling that you are right above the water, but also gives the building a unique look. Leaving their room, everyone will see the sea in front of them. The console below has a constructive pattern, decorated with glass, people passing under the object will see the beauty of the building.

Technical information

The project is assembled from a metal frame that stands on a reinforced foundation, rocks add extra strength to the object. And also the load balance is distributed in the center of the building.

Internal trusses 400mm thick keep the entire frame of the building above the water, wood patterns on the console, also perform the function of a frame and hold loads. Each floor has its own support on the ground, as the building is already on powerful rocks, which allows each floor to be given an individual layout.

The roof is made with the use of green building technology with a thickness of 500mm.

The distance between the stairs is 25 meters, the length of the console is 50 meters, the distance for the elevator is 30 meters (from the entrances). From each floor you can exit through the fire exit,

The building is lined with natural stone, with different levels of protrusions, as well as untreated wood, the roofing is grass, the pedestrian surface is monolithic paths. The terraces are covered with parquet board.

For additional lighting, an atrium reception in space is used, as well as lanterns on the roof.

Wall thickness 300-100mm.
The thickness of the floors is 300-500mm.
Number of rooms 105
Width of carriageways 7m
Width of pedestrian roads for people 4m
The width of the corridors in the building is at least 2m
Cantilever passage width 3m
The thickness of the supporting walls of the soil is 500mm.
Guardrail height 1200mm

S paths on the territory - 1475.3 m2
S helipad - 570.1 m2
S operated roof - 4945.2 m2
S terraces - 1927.1 m2
S public terraces - 1239.8 m2
S terraces at the hotel rooms - 687.3 m2
S landscaping on the roof - 1352.2 m2
S paths on the roof - 1059.5 m2
S zones of canopies - 473.4 m2
S zones of the pool - 211.1 m2
S sports areas - 57.4 m2


ZONE 3, hotel and carpark


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