StoneGrad Flexible Housing

Lendrit Krasniqi, Albion Hetemi, Lirigzon Olluri
University of Prishtina

Project idea

The concept of the object is influenced by case studies but also traditional Croatian architecture. It is based on the creation of an architecture that integrates into the existing context while simultaneously respecting the principles of sustainable architectural design. The concept emphasizes the experience of space, which is achieved through the movement of light and air, but also through the use of local materials such as stone and wood, which are then interwoven with contemporary materials. The aim of the whole concept is to respect the history and character of the location by using local building materials, compact forms, respecting the views as well as adapting to the way of life of the Croatian people.
Some of the elements on the building's facade are inspired by well-known modern and post-modern architects such as Le Corbusier, Louis Kahn and Charles Correa

Project description

Both types of buildings are divided within themselves into two different functional areas. The ground floor contains eight parking lots while the upper floors contain residential units. The buildings start with two entrances which are defined by concrete frames and have no physical separation, which are inspired by LeCorbusier but at the same time reflect on the tradition of hospitality of the Croatian people.
Both entrances are on a level with the outside terrain, for the purpose of easier accessibility for users. From the entrance, one goes to the vertical communication which contains the stairs and the elevator, which connect the ground floor with the other floors. Unlike the ground floor, on the other floors the vertical communication is open, enabling cross ventilation of the units. The vertical communication in this case is wrapped with a dynamic facade which is determined by the wind directions, thus enabling the ventilation of the interior spaces in both directions. Two to four residential units on each floor have access from the horizontal communication. Both types of buildings within themselves contain only one type of apartment which is organized as dual key apartments. Due to the possibility of flexibility of the housing unit, the same has more surface area in relation to the standard surface areas for the same unit, which surface is related to the lost community spaces. The basic unit has five forms of flexibility which range from 35.9m2 to 118.5m2, respectively from one to three bedrooms. Each residential unit contains the living room, dining room, a complete bathroom and the kitchen. The bedrooms, WCs and storerooms are presented depending on the size of the residential units. Each residential unit is cross-ventilated, allowing the movement of air and light from the louvers to create a unique experience within each unit. The sleeping alcoves have a bilateral orientation, which enables cross ventilation within itself, but at the same time also a favorable orientation to any position of the area. All units are adaptable for people with limited abilities

Technical information

The building stands out for its simple construction and not for any complications in the constructive aspect, which would complicate the construction process. The entire construction is a skeletal system with columns and beams, reinforced with concrete walls. The foundation of the building is a slab foundation with a thickness of 40cm, while the intermediate floors construction is a reinforced concrete slab with a thickness of 15cm, which works in two directions. The reinforced concrete columns have a circular shape with a diameter of 40cm. The height of the floors is 300cm while the height of the ground floor is 250cm in order to lower the height of the building so that it does not interfere with the views of the next building. The stairs’ fences are characteristic, made of fish nets. The main material on the facade is concrete, stone and wood, which reflect the tradition and history of the Croatian people.


ZONE 2, three storey apartment buildings, (ground floor + 2 levels)


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