Phase of Rebirth

Caroline Sameh
Shorouk Academy

Project idea

Phase of Rebirth
That the eagle goes through to get its strength back through along his cycle life when the eagle get old and come back like youth, source (bible psalm 103:5) ‘’ to revive your youth like an eagle’s ‘’
and to get back and reviving the tourism in Croatia

Project description

There are many tourist resorts currently, but there are not many places that arouse the curiosity of visitors of all ages and affect them, and it is a holiday resort throughout the year, not only in the summer.
Our Mission
We design and build a sustainable resort that combines local materials with luxury. It should be exciting for people and bring together the community and visitors of all ages throughout the year and affect them and make them want to visit again

Technical information

parametric healing spots: The eco parametric structure has clearly yoga and meditation activities which connected to garden


ZONE 3, hotel and carpark

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