Urban Design and Landscape

Sketch design of the city-shelter.

Roman Grigoriev

Project idea

Reaction to changing events in the world. Reflections on security in the context of the city and its inhabitants.

Project description

The main composition of the project is the master plan and the service radius of the city. It was required to develop a city for 50 thousand inhabitants, but it turned out to put all the required population into one module. Therefore, the estimated number of inhabitants is 173 thousand people.
The territory of the city has a vast area of ​​landscaping for walking and park areas.

Technical information

The modules are presented in the form of reinforced concrete structures of different heights. 5-storey buildings are connected to 9-storey ones, which in turn contain a module from a 20-storey building, which can later be lowered into the mine to evacuate residents to the shelter and minimize damage. Under each block are shelters for people. A large number of public spaces makes it possible to place kindergartens, trade, offices and other things on the first two floors.

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