Mound Bayou Community/Vocational Complex

Jacob Lindley
Mississippi State University, School of Architecture
United States of America

Project idea

This is an academic project based in the historic Mississippi Delta town of Mound Bayou. A refuge built from the ground up by enslaved black men, women, and children, the town remains until this day as the oldest all-black community in America. Their story is one rich with turmoil, strife, and victory, and attempts are being made today to get their story out.

Project description

This project, a community center/vocational school, at 81,000 square feet, will replace the old community center, bringing back the “living room” of the city and training up a young demographic sector to bring Mound Bayou back to its former glory.

Technical information

As a parti, “building blocks” are shifted along one taller linear mass that is related to the datum of the diagram. The lobby is intended to be a tall atrium that will make a statement as the main entrance to the building. To establish its existence in Mound Bayou, and considering that the surrounding context is primarily single-story structures, the portion of the building that fronts the road is two-story.


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