Carla Coll D Onofrio, Julieta Cossio, Nicole Abboud
FAU, Facultad de arquitectura y urbanismo UNT, San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina

Project idea

YAKU is a Hotel and Winery that arises as a search for the satisfaction of the senses and the spirit through a deep connection with nature.
YAKU proposes a different alternative to the hotel and productive activity of Cafayate and Tolombón.

Project description

The project has 3 objectives: Environmental awareness, that is to say, to minimize the environmental impact.
The spit, a value enhancement of the place, culture and local identity, taking into account its virtues and strengths.
And finally, generate atmospheres. Looking for the essence of the project, stimulating the senses and generating a journey and an introspective stay for the users.

Technical information

The project is built with the materials of the place, it is partly buried so that it is perceived as "coming out of the ground". Its treatment is designed to blend in with the earth.


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