Escola Construtivista

Juliana Silva Tavares
Unilasalle - Rio de Janeiro

Project idea

The idea of ​​the project was to create a school building for elementary school I and II in the neighborhood of São Lourenço, Niterói - Rio de Janeiro for the local community. The school was designed based on the constructivist method which, in turn, seeks to place the student as the protagonist in their learning process and the teacher as the student's advisor.

Project description

The building was thought of as a single volume with an internal patio so that the facade panel could "cover" it and bring movement to it. As a result, each floor was designed with a strategy for sectoring the spaces.
The environments were designed in order to stimulate the students' intellectual, creative and social development. Classrooms have group table and chair layouts, allowing children to interact with each other and learn from each other.
The panel that surrounds the entire building was thought of as the waves of the sea that are in constant motion, as well as the high movement of vehicles and pedestrians that the main road has, sometimes calm and without noise and other times busy and noisy. In addition, the panel wasn't only thought of aesthetics, but was also thought of the thermal comfort of the school, it serves as brises to prevent direct sunlight from entering the building.

Technical information

The building is made of metallic structure and materials of easy handling.

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