Hospital Oncológico

Juliana Silva Tavares
Unilasalle - Rio de Janeiro

Project idea

The idea was to build an oncology hospital in the central area of Rio de Janeiro that would seek to deconstruct the social imaginary that we have when we talk about a hospital. In addition, it brought an extensive public and green square, considering that we don't have this in surroundings and this area serves for rest, contemplation and inspiration both for the hospital public and for other citizens who pass through this central area and work around.

Project description

The project consists of a single building that contains outpatient areas, diagnosis and therapy, pharmacy, teaching and research, logistical support and administrative support. So, we have offices, immunization rooms, collection box, chemotherapy application, nursing station, classrooms and others.

Technical information

The building consists of a metallic structure, conventional brick walls and drywall, façade solutions with vertical organic wooden louvers and green walls and aluminum and wooden frames.


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