Zimocca Center

Seif Eddine Mnafakh
National School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tunis

Project idea

This project deals with the issue of the sponges in the city of Zarzis and the architectural space that must be dedicated to it. The sponge is a marine animal that almost became extinct in the late years, impacting not only the balance of our ecosystem but a whole history of several coastal cities in the world. After addressing the issue on its various historical, economic and social aspects, I have designed an architectural project that meets the needs of the various stakeholders and is embodied in a sustainable approach. Our center of valorization Zimocca tells the genesis of the history of the sponge by raising awareness of the general public and will be a vector of promotion and valorization of the Tunisian sponge at the national and international scale.

Project description

This project has a part for scientists, a part for public awareness.

Technical information

The construction of the building is made of a three-dimensional primary structure another secondary for bracing as well as an envelope in GRC.

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