Ski resort in the city of Chusovoy

Irina Romanovna Makarova
Russian Academy of Arts, Department of Architecture
Russian Federation

Project idea

The building is a multifunctional complex that includes a hotel, equipment rental and repair, ski schools for children and adults, a cafe, a restaurant, a fitness and spa center, shops, etc. For the design of the building, an architectural style was chosen – bio-tech. A natural phenomenon is taken as the image of the building – frozen bubbles under the ice.

Project description

Currently, ski tourism is one of the mass types of tourism that contributes to the harmonious development of a person and the strengthening of his health and is widely used as a means of active recreation. The projected ski complex is located in the Perm Region, Chusovoy.
The placement of a ski complex of this type on this site solves several existing problems. The complex allows you to combine and systematize existing sports facilities located on this territory. The multifunctionality of the complex, aimed at creating a comfortable environment for sports and recreation, will allow it to become a place of attraction not only for residents of the Perm Region, but also for neighboring regions of our country, which in turn will favorably affect the development of the tourism industry and increase the number of jobs in this area.

Technical information

The structural system of the projected building is a monolithic reinforced concrete frame with flat floors.
In block 3 and 4, the middle part of the coating of the ski complex is made using translucent panels.
To reduce snow loads, a double-glazed window with heating and energy-saving glass is arranged.

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