Urban Design and Landscape

Improvement of the observation deck "Vorobyovy Gory"

Polina Kosovskikh
RUDN University
Russian Federation

Project idea

Currently, the observation deck is not in the best condition. Despite the rich history of the place and the popularity of the place, today it is not being improved. Near the observation deck is the most famous university in Russia - Moscow State University, the observation deck is visited by tourists and residents of the city.
I want to correct this by offering my vision of this territory. A zone for public events, a food court with national cuisine, a co-working space, a science center and an updated observation deck can become another gem of Moscow.
Due to the peculiarities of the relief, it is possible to divert the road under the site. There are no such places on the territory of Moscow yet.

Project description

Currently, there are not only visualizations, but also a master plan, a plan for a road network, a plan for landscaping and layout.

Technical information

The task was to present the concept of landscaping, taking into account all existing problems, visitor analysis, history and landscape analysis.
The project solves a number of problems:
Modern look

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