New River Estuary Restaurant Design

Dominic McKenzie
Southern Institute of Technology
New Zealand

Project idea

This project is located in the Southland Province of New Zealand. It is to be a waterfront restaurant. The building will represent and emulate the early history of the Invercargill Township and the day to day life of travel that came with being a resident in the area.

Project description

The main area is the interior dining with views accorss western Southland. the north side of the building has a small space for exterior dining. the client requested a showcase space for art so in the very middle of the building we have an exhibition area with plenty of room for art.

Technical information

The project is a concrete and steel structure. the main weight of the building is held by concrete columns and precast walls. The foundations over the water are a concrete retaining wall system that holds the building roughly 4m above the flood level.


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