Urban Design and Landscape

"THE INTERLACE" Culture center (Graduation Project)

Nouran Khaled
Department of Architecture of the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University in Abbaseya, Cairo

Project idea

The theme of this Civic Center is Cultural and Social Theme based on exchanging cultures -due to diversity of cultures in NAC -not only displaying it- through the Primitive and Contemporary themes of Culture Aspects like Architecture, Music, Art, Gastronomy, Languages, Tools, Skills, ...
Using Minimalist Architecture to achieve simplicity. As the Walls are simply the primary component of any building so it appears as the main feature of the architecture style however its integration and form with other materials with both styles linear and deconstruction.

As trying to reach a happy city, this will be accomplished by enhancing the quality of life and make it a city for all and as NAC will be the image of Egypt, this image must be inclusive by including the Vulnerable Groups especially the disabled and engaging them within the community to achieve “Sense of Community and social engagement”. keeping up with the Future plan and strategy of Egypt and its concern with the disabled and vulnerable groups”.
These groups of people should be attracted to the civic center with a capacity higher than usual, this can be through providing them some important services that will be new in Egypt as “Business Incubators” for the disabled to help them with their startups and applying labor Quota. So, the project is on a National Scale.

Project description

The Project is mainly divided into 4 zones.
The primitive Culture Zone, The Contemporary Culture Zone- This Cultural zone contains arts and music centers, Exhibition Center, Theater, outdoor Cinema and workshops - The Educational Zone and The Administrative Zone which contains the startups tower, business incubators and vocational rehabilitation for the vulnerable groups...

Technical information

The spine is at a lower level to get the feeling of enclosure and to be centered while the buildings are stepped from 0.00m level to this -5.00m level.
A diversity in the user experience in open spaces as they pass through “Extrovert open spaces, Introvert open spaces and semi-introvert ones”. Using Pedestrian Bridges to create shortcuts between buildings due to the presence of the disabled and to connect the primitive culture zone with the contemporary one.
The Integration and blending of different groups of people can be done through creating an adaptive urban environment that meets the intersection of the needs of normal people and disabled.

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