A Shelter House for Street Children

raymond TETI
Universitas Nusa Cendana

Project idea

The existence of street children is a phenomenon that can be observed in urban areas around the world. This phenomenon has also been seen in Kupang City since the 2000s and its presence continues to increase. Poverty and family disfunction are some of the factors that drive the existence of children who live and work on the street. Life on the streets has the potential to erode the values and norms of street children.

Project description

The existence of a shelter house is expected to accommodate the efforts of fostering street children to restore the values and norms of society into the personality of street children. The design of shelter house includes indoor facilities contained in three main buildings, namely: boarding house (dormitory building), smart house (education and training center building), and office building (manager office building). In addition to indoor facilities, a number of outdoor facilities are also designed which include an amphitheater, artwork area, recreation park, gardening area, and a hanging walkway. All of these facilities are designed as a place for fostering street children which is expected to support them to improve their productivity and independency.

Technical information

Kinetic Pod's
One of the outdoor feature connected all the users to meet the need of interaction, especially the street children who have been naturally interested to joins the community surroundings. For a while, street children should gradually grow in one direction and contribute to their self development. The kinetic pod's feature could lead them to take any safe hanging walkway by making playful noises, letting them express themselves freely and safely.

Artwork is a safe place for street children to explore their mural skill through double side wall once these activities will be entertained people who come in.

The amphiteater is one of the outdoor space with a humble ambience easy to invited street children to celebrated music event and so many talented performances as possible. At one side before the outdoor next space, user will meet the sequence wall as the transition between hectic to lively, the wall surprisingly help street children to define their own setting of spaces.

Commercial Space
The next space is the important one. By the instructor, street children will get the trained to enhance their entreprenurial skill. Street children are basically begin to keep practicing by first hand transaction to people and save a half the profit for their future. It's literally letting them discipline and independent personally.

"We shape our buildings, thereafter our building shape us"
- Winston Churchill -

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