Multi-storey residential building

Maxim Sarychev
Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building
Russian Federation

Project idea

The main idea of ​​the project is expressed in the availability and versatility of housing for people of different ages. As well as in the development of planning solutions

Project description

The project consists of a building with 18 floors. The first two floors are used for commercial use as well as for the residents of the house.

The first floor is different by the presence of public spaces and recreation zones, there is a gym, a cafe, co-workings and a library.
a place for recreation and leisure, both an ordinary resident of the district and residents of the house can get here.

The second floor continues the concept of the first floor, here is located the main recreation area with exit to the roof, you can sit with friends or with colleagues at work.
the potential of the floor is unlimited, it is possible to create separate spaces for the residents of the house.

the third floor and subsequent ones are already residential, but the 3rd floor has its own amenities, a small recreation area where you can sometimes sit and relax.
residential apartments with a public annex

the fourth FLOOR is residential, but there are mainly additional exits from the 2nd tier of apartments, balconies in the corridor begin from this floor
residential apartments, exit from the 2nd tier to the corridor

The master plan consists of 2 buildings facing each other, between them there is a passage to the public area. Under the buildings there is underground parking for more than 60 cars.

the entire facility is not only a residential building, but also a multifunctional center, which will house various kinds of people.
A residential building is not only a shell for housing, but also a place where we develop

Technical information

The project was carried out on a CLT frame with supports on columns with a section of 300x300 mm. The facade is lined with carbon fiber plates 1500x1500 mm, carbon fiber doors are used in the balconies. Partitions are also made of CLT materials 150-100 mm. The main walls are 450mm wide to comply with the norm for heat loss. The elevator shaft does not come into contact with residential sections. The first two floors are sheathed in carbon using hinged technology. The canopy of logs also has a section of 300x300m. Access to the roof is made under the hatches.

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