Post-Humanistic Data Center

Dana Al Mamlouk
Beirut Arab University, Faculty of Architecture, Debbieh

Project idea

A global catastrophic risk may occur on earth leading to the extinction of humanity and civilization. Therefore, all the data needed to restore life will have been vanished, including the built architecture and their traditions.
A post-humanistic data center would be able to save all the heritage and cultural data in Lebanon. Acting as a national prototype for different countries. This will lead to the usage of technology through a sustainable approach to reach a resilient project to save national heritage.

Project description

Post-Humanistic spaces are spaces implementing artificial intelligence that allow the building to build and maintain itself without the need for human intervention. Thus, users can experience the integration between technologies and architecture, reflected through performative spaces, power-back technology, and responsive structure. It also have a memorial to respect what happened there including 217 concrete blocks inside of water and represent the main circle in the landscape to shed the light on it mostly.

Technical information

The project has an inclined slab for power generation through water mills. The material of the 3d printed data centers are 3d printed carbon fiber and the form is based on NASA structural form of a prototype to survive in outer space. The material of the underground of 3d printed data centers are 3d printed graphene that will be able to clean the water from the toxics of the explosion that happened.

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