Urban Design and Landscape

Project hope

Tobias Eckmaier
Weihenstephan University of Applied Sciences (HSWT)

Project idea

The Hope project presents an urban planning direction for Beirut in which the city could develop. Especially the large park, but also the rows of trees along the streets provide a pleasant urban climate. Furthermore, it shows how important versatile open spaces are and how planning can function that follows a clear concept and stands in contrast to profit-maximizing investor projects.
At the same time, it represents a first step towards a city with reduced car traffic. Mobility hubs, new bus stops and more space for pedestrians are intended to make the switch away from cars attractive and thus, among other things, prevent pollution and further deterioration of air quality.

Project description

Due to the high lack of green infrastructure, a large-scale park is to form the backbone of the concept. This is led through the area by deliberately opening the buildings to the park and closing the urban development to direct the park, and ties in with the avenue of trees on Charles Helou Street in the west. Subsequently, the park extends to the east to the edge of the project area.
Further, the separating effect of Charles Helou Street is removed by a loose building setting in the artist area and is intended to invite pedestrians to enter the new port.

Technical information

The project aims to generate living space for up to 10800 people. The main focus tho is the green space.


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