Interior Design


Ariella Ahdut
School of Visual Arts | New York NY
United States of America

Project idea

Being centered means having a reference point, a place to come back to
when life, stress, and emotions push you off balance.

Project description

Re:Centered is a holistic health and wellness center based on the five
elements of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).The practice of TCM
strives to maintain balance and harmony between your body, mind and
environment. These five elements represent how all aspects of human
health, like nutrition, movement, and emotions, are interconnected with
nature and our surrounding.

Technical information

This design also employs Biophilic design principles to create a calm and
functional space for users, helping them lessen their anxiety and live more
consciously. Re:Centered is a welcoming space where people can gather,
reflect, or have meaningful interactions with like-minded individuals
embarking on new health journey.

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