Beatriz Pereira Teixeira
University of Central Lancashire
United Kingdom

Project idea

GREEN HOPE arouse from the two main focuses of the project, COMMUNITY and SUSTAINABILITY.

COMMUNITY as this project is dedicated to the local people of Beirut with the main goal to evoke a feeling of HOPE and a brighter future.
GREEN as the solution for the future of the human race is sustainability.

After a desk study to know Beirut, I have tried to analyze what were the problems I should focus on and mapped out the main strategies to develop (on the presentation board).

Project description

This project starts at a big scale analysing the city and the Port's area, with an urban proposal of a ground scraper that englobes different functions and activities. Proceeding into more detail in a few key areas of the project, the mixed-use towers and the heart of the project, the memorial museum.

The Memorial museum is born from the existing Silo building that is emblematic of what it means to the city and its people.
The museum aims to celebrate the Silo and to age with it through time and deterioration, accounting for the appropriation of the Nature of this place.

Technical information

The project aims to utilize mainly sustainable and renewable materials throughout, such as timber structures and prefabricated elements while incorporating nature and green spaces.


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