Urban Design and Landscape

Beirut Master Plan

Maria Emilia Gonzalez
Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Cumbaya, Ecuador, Facultad de Arquitectura y Diseno Interior

Project idea

The concept is to divide the port space into intersecting channels and basins creating islets of various sizes. This design respects and interprets Nordhavn's past, in which reclaimed land areas created an easily recognizable rational structure. he master plan for the new city district in the former industrial port area, including the develo pment plan, district plans, design of public spaces, streetscapes and promenades, landscaping, bicyde infrastructure and metro stations.

Project description

The master plan is divided into ten points, between architectural buildings and urban spaces. They are connected by a boulevard that marks a linear route from the bay of Zaituna to the intervention of the river bordering the port. This boulevard is made up of travel spaces and seven programmatic nodes of cultural and social interest.
The project has multiple architectural buildings focused on reactivating the public transit of inhabitants, with cultural and economic approaches; such as the memorial building, cruise terminal, interpretation center, hotel, shopping center and the port administration area as such.
In the same way, each space is recovered with an intervention in the urban space with a landscape approach, these interventions accompany the user giving coverage of interest, these spaces are the intervention to the river, a high line that unites public spaces and cultural buildings. , a monument to the explosion of the port as a memorial, etc.

Technical information

Within the composition of materials of all architectural buildings we find steel, concrete, brick, etc. And with respect to urban public areas, it was proposed to promote the use of recycled containers from the port, wooden furniture, etc.

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