Melanya Hakobyan

Project idea

Sierra is a multi-stage "process", with which it is planned to form recreation zones along the entire perimeter of Lake Sevan, solving all existing problems along the entire perimeter of the lake along the Gegham mountain range. This is where the name of the project came from: Sierra, a mountain range, or a chain of continuous actions and goals.

Project description

The place is located in the northwestern part of the Gegham mountain range. The mountain range stretches along the entire perimeter of Lake Sevan, leading it in a ring.
The aim of the project is to contribute to the improvement of the ecology of Lake Sevan, which has become problematic in recent years and requires our attention. Lake Sevan is the largest freshwater resource, it is the 2nd highest freshwater lake in the world after Lake Titicaca in South America. That is why the ecological condition of the lake should be given importance by all of us.
The project proposes a phased program, which will make it possible not only to contribute to the solution of ecological problems, but also to improve the socio-economic condition of the residents of the province and to contribute to the development of tourism in the province, and then also in the republic.

Technical information

According to the plan, it is planned to organize the recreation area around the core, the commercial and entertainment square. 4 main functional zones have been formed around the square: recreation, residential, catering-entertainment and sports.
Each of the zones is interconnected with each other, taking into account the comfortable movement of vacationers in the recreation zone. On the other hand, free and environmentally friendly transport operates in the recreation area in order to organize the movement of vacationers and not only. Special attention was paid to the existing relief and its preservation as much as possible.

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