National Digital Heritage Center

Banafscheh Tezeri, Samin Mozafari
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

The "National Digital Heritage Center" was a competition held in Korea and announced media and our professor-Dr.Javad Eiraji- choose it as the project of the lesson technology design. The first question that we asked ourselves was: what does heritage mean? something transmitted by or acquired from a predecessor: legacy. Then we find our problem: The way that we want to form the heritage concept into a digital platform! We tried to convey the heritage digital works to the audience now and in the future in the most tangible way possible. But how do humans get a closer look at the past? Unless we could travel in time

Project description

The solution we had for time travel was black holes and connecting the past, present, and future as a bridge and ramp throughout the project. The architecture of the project uses these ramps, which act as black holes, to allow users to move around the installations where digital heritage is displayed, experience, shop, and even create artworks in the workshops. Spaces that needed to be connected to each other, in addition to communication routes such as stairs and elevators, were connected to ramps that were like black holes. Interior installations have been designed according to the needs of the space and efforts have been made to make the heritage Artwork as tangible as possible for the audience.

Technical information

Digital tools such as Rhino and Grass Hopper plugins were used to convert the concept to form. For the general form, we chose coding that includes binary code because the digital world is made up of zeros and ones. Then, with the cocoon plugin, we added the interface space like a black hole to the general form.The locating of the site was adjusted using the Ladybug pluggin and using the analysis of vision, sunlight houres, radiation and windrose, and finally the best orientation was done. locating the spaces was based on a physical program and designed with the pufferfish plugin

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