John Michael Ong, Elaizle Jade Uy, Myson Castaneda, Catherine Salazar
National University - Manila

Project idea

The idea was inspired by the term "Manhik" which is means "To Step up", It is the binding element of the design. Like an aircraft soaring high up upon take off, the designers wanted the airport to be the catalyst of growth for the province and for the locals. The concept together with the sustainable development goals, will be applied in three major aspects such as Economy, Sustainability and Aesthetics.

Project description

The Central Mindanao Airport will serve as the province's entry point into economic and social development. Aligned with the SDG 2030 Agenda, it will be a sustainable airport that will drive the economy by providing a new and quick form of transportation for both domestic and cargo transport, thereby opening social and economic opportunities. It will be a sustainable model designed to respond to the natural environment through innovative approaches and with provision for future use. Furthermore, the airport will represent Philippine Airlines by bringing the Filipino heart and identity through airport design.

Technical information

The construction of the building is made from the materials found in the site's location such as bamboo, rice hush bonded concrete block walls, native pottery, and ceramics. the idea will be achieved by the use of combined emerging technologies and site's cultural background.

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