Urban Design and Landscape

Square of lights

Roger Cumbajin
Universidad Central del Ecuador / Arquitectura y Urbanismo

Project idea

The parish of Guamani (Quito-Ecuador), contemplates a problem of poor territorial planning and lack of infrastructure, by creating a micro-centrality, an increase in population density in height is proposed with the use of mixed housing and by being located on land near A multifunctional plaza is designed for a ravine, as a proposal for empowering the community towards the ravines and rescuing the rivers. The friendly design of the square allows to maintain the native vegetation and increase it in a controlled way.

Project description

It consists of a mixed-use building, with a free ground floor that connects with the proposed landscape and commerce throughout the square, a single-family house on a standard floor plan on 3 levels. Different areas of stay such as viewpoints, exhibition areas, galleries, and garden terraces. As well as open agoras with lights and water sources that flow into the river, controlled with mitigation works in case of overflow.

Technical information

Steel is the predominant material, the use of this is made in the construction of the building with pillars, and with tree-lined structures as long-term support and maintenance of nature.

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