Interior Design

ROMSTAL Showroom located in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Musteață Cristina
Technical University of Moldova, Urbanism and Architecture Faculty

Project idea

The project idea consists of proposing efficient solutions for the arrangement and functional organization of the space in a store of sanitary ware and accessories for engineering systems. It is focused on designing a modern, functional, ergonomic and aesthetic interior.

Project description

The goal of this project is to transform a simple store into a modern showroom and promote de ROMSTAL brand, which is the main sanitary ware distributor in the Republic of Moldova. The showroom consists of the next main areas: Reception Zone (where people can ask about the brand's products or pay for shopping), Ecosoft Zone (where the water filters are exposed, Ecosoft is one of the most important partners), Exhibition Zone (here people can find a wide variety of bath tubs, toilets, wash basins), Termo Zone (radiators, AC, heaters, electric water tanks), Taps Zone, Fittings Zone and Relaxing Zone (a special area where people can wait while having coffee/ tea).

Technical information

The resistance structure of the building consists of external load-bearing walls and skeleton made of beams and columns with dimensions of 500x500, which are made of reinforced concrete. The floors and stairs are made of reinforced concrete too. The foundation of the building was made of rough stone. The load-bearing walls are made of white stone blocks, finished with plaster and light blue composite panels on the outside and ordinary plaster on the inside. Gaps are provided for both doors and windows.
Mostly, natural materials and texture were used while designing this showroom. The furniture and some decorative elements are made of MDF, which imitates the wood texture. As an accent, the walls are finished with Venetian plaster in some areas. It abstractly imitates the water texture, because the sanitary ware is related to water.

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