Barnabás Szabó
University of Sopron

Project idea

I had an idea. For couple of months. There was a picture. Not a picture, rather just piece of a picture. Gestures, forms, characteres. I was watching it for months. I reached a point, where I did not wanted to see that picture any longer. I wanted to create it. I sat to the table and started to find the way to descirbe the imagination. Experiments. I did not know what would be the result. Good or bad. I did not care about it. I just wanted to see, it is possible or not that I saw. And then I created for the first one. The first bulidnig without any control. Inner and outer control. I went crazy. There was no feedback from professors or other ones. There was no pressure: ‘ I have to do a really good building’. There was just fun. Experience. And the beauty of creating.

Project description

This building is a private house somewhere hidden at a lakeside. It is tiny (or not). Far away from control, rules or neighbours. This project consists of a simple layout, simple inner and outer spaces.

Technical information

The edifice lays on a lightly hilly landscape, close to the lake. Approch from higher side of the site by lowered pathway. This gesture connects the building and the pier/lakeside.
The whole building stands on plate. Plate has two parts: the upper and the lower. The lower gives the base and slips into the ground in order to the horizontal position of the upper part. On the upper one stands the living area: individual boxes with a corridor, patio.
The significant element is the large monolit L shaped edifice. It stands on the shorter line of the shape. The futher support are simple monolit walls.
The boxes are individual and divided from the main edifice. These have own retaining walls. The boxes aspire to be as light as possible. The facade consitst of slide windows and thin glass, curtain walls.
The layout is quite simple. There are two boxes, connected by a corridor. The corridor contains the main entrance and the possibility to reach the roofed terrace between the boxes. The bigger box consists of the kitchen, living and dining room, the toilet with the utility room. In the smaller stands the bathroom, bedroom and wardrobe.
The retaining walls divide the spaces and create the functional layout. The only full closed spaces are the water blocks. Every single wall has an important task besides the sturctural position. Rule the inner and outer spaces. Despite of the full-glass facades, these walls give the privacy and hide the different inner places from the needed angle.
The facade can be fully open - except on the main entance and wardrobe side-, in order to make a close connection between the guests and the nature.
The house owns a roofed drive with shed and the remaining utilities.

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