Interior Design


Barnabás Szabó
University of Sopron

Project idea

location: Balf//Sopron//Győr-Moson-Sopron County//northwest Hungary//Hungary
location discrpition: Balf is a district of Sopron (since 1985.) Former name was Sankt Wolfgang. The town is part of the UNESCO World Heritage FERTŐ area and the base of the Fertő cycling tours. It is significant part of the Sopron Wine Lands with its special grapes. Several private wineries located there. Balf is a quite ancient and habited for more than 1000 years. It has several monuments and memorials in the center, such as the Saint Wolf Church, Saint Jozef Chapel, National Memorial of victims of the World War II. Balf is well-known as a spa. The town has a medical water which is used since the Medivial Age. The high concentrate of sulfur helps for locomotor problems, neuroligical issues and as a drinking regimen great for digestive disorders. Consequently the area has a long history of spa culture. The town provides a home to a sanatorium with various medical treatments.
This hotel exsist in order to complete the wine and spa tourism in the town and be a contemporary landmark in the thousand years old town.

Project description

The project originally made for architectural design, but with time it turned into complex design. The interior design is significant part of the project, hence this buiding exsist in order to healthcare, relaxation and healing.
It consists of the detailed designed spa, wellness, catering and hotel service spaces and the functional designed service-staff places.

Technical information

The builiding uses simple, linear and pure gestures. Consists of horizontal and vertical lines and curves. As the water as the building flows, clear and light. The significant part of the facade is transparent in order to the lightness, proper illumination. The glass facade takes the nature more closer, but the inner sight separeteted stirctly and recognizable. Pure, light and flowing as the water, but changable and surprising also. The sturcture consists of pillars and monolit ceilings without any main or thick wall. Everything aspire to the minimum weight and avoid the unnecessariy space taking. All around the ceiling edges runs a ceiling profile to expand and soft it. Despite of the open surfaces, all the sufficient and needed privacy is provided.
The main layout system ruled by the axises. In the junction of the lines located the lobby from where the hotel guests, restaurant or conference members can reach the proper location. On the shorter axis can be the main entrance and the restaurant find. This line divide the horizontal axis for two parts: Spa wing - Service wing.
In the Spa various treatments, relaxation, healing and fitness programs are available. Medical water, hydro-massage, Kneipp-pool, swimming pool, steam cabin, different type of saunas, beauty services, fitness and gym possibilities.The Servince wing contains all the sufficient places to serve independently the whole system taken in consideration the proper conditions of working.
The first floor follows the lower level layout system, except the size. On the upper level the shorter axis loses its southern part. The northern side contains the commercial/entertainment/conference hall. It has a free access to one of the rooftops that the hotels owns. From the lobby you reach the level with two staircases and elevators. The open lobby continualy devides the building: eastern and western wing. Both wing contain the rooms. All the rooms overlook south.
Western wing: It consists of eleven rooms with balconies and the roofbar. The rooms overlook to south, nonetheless the roofbar lays on the northern side in order to make connection with the common places and separate from the room balconies. Eastern wing: It owns the staff room, 10 rooms and the suite. The rooms consistently follow eachother, create a long but open corridor that is ends in the suite. Functionaly the rooms are pretty simple: entrance + bathroom + resting area and use the less amount of walls or closed spaces. The full sliding windows responsible for the lightness and the proper ventilation. Hence the small amount of walls, the whole room get full light during the day. Two types of the bathrooms: shower - bathtube. The rooms are full with uniqe, self-designed furnitures and lights, such as bed, bedside table, built-in wardrobe-desk-cabinet-self system with the hall furniture or light-column.
The suite follows the functional simplicity, however it has more individual places. It consists of a main room, toilet, bathroom and the bedroom with devided gardobe. In the main room lay the dining room, living room and the wardrobe-kitchen. The wardrobe-kitchen hides all the kitchen devices and create a discrete view. In the bedroom similarly available the bed and a personal jacuzzi. In order to the southern and eastern illumination the whole suite is highly enlighted. The L shaped balcony gives a full panorama and the guest can enjoy the sight of Balf, the Fertő and the whole area.
It follows the pure and clear materials, nonetheless the surprising or transparent ones. The transparency changes by the needed privacy or function. The wood soften the pale or dark, painted, cement or metal coverings. Altough the peaceful emptiness rules the charachter. The cold materials, such as the different kind of stones or metals or even the colours let the guest focus on their health.


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