Alpas: Unifying Siargao's Cultural and Environmental Identity through a Proposed Domestic Airport

Joram Juat, Don Garcia, Andrea Sta. Rosa, Christopher Paas
National University - Manila

Project idea

The concept of the project is "Unified cultural and environmental identity". Cultural identity is the different cultural aspects that is related and unique to Siargao people, this include their art, customs, food and practices that is unified with the environmental identity, the different natural features that describes the site context, which is Del Carmen, Siargao, Island. The designer's targets a development that will express the identity, people and features of the island.

Project description

Alpas is a proposed domestic airport in the island of Siargao, the surfing capital of the Phlippines. The project composed of a passenger terminal building, with cultural gallery inside that greets the arriving and departing tourist in the island. It also features a communal farming level at its topmost floor, where the people in the community can benefit.

Technical information

The construction of the building, especially its sun shading and other interior decorative piece will utilized the locally acquired material in the island, specifically the coco lumber. The project will support the decaying coconut industry in the island, which will support the job employment of the residents.

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