The parachute tower

Karolína Hamráková
TUK - Technical University of Kosice, Faculty of Arts

Project idea

The subject of the work was to make sports activities more attractive and to restore the Kolman Garden, with the help of rebuilding the parachute tower that was once there. The tower functioned as a training center for paratroopers, but passers-by could also try their hand at jumping. A safe impact was ensured by paddle brakes at the top, and this function is retained on the new tower as well. However, now it is designed as a steel structure, due to greater load-bearing capacity and longer service life. Which at the same time tilts the entire tower and allows the excellence of the steel. The slope of the tower is 77° to both sides, so it forms the letter "V", which is connected at the top by a footbridge. The aim of this unusual shape is to see the visual jump console and of course to attract a larger number of spectators to enliven the entire garden and restore its socio-cultural life. Because today, unfortunately, it is in a terrible state, completely neglected. This bachelor's thesis follows the design of the infrastructure of the Kolman garden with three other objects - Animopavilón, Fytopavilón and Café-Libresso, which are interconnected by an educational trail. The location of the Parachute Tower is on the site of the former tower and also connects to the educational trail and interconnects all three buildings. An important part of the entire project was delving into the issue of steel structures and finding harmony between the austerity of steel and its details. But also to point out the beauty of the entire tower in its unique design and complex appearance, so that it does not appear massive, but on the contrary very light and elegant. This tower is my legacy not only to the people of Prešov, but also to the surrounding area as it is simple and can be made from a material such as steel. To open the eyes and especially the hearts of every visitor and help them find a relationship with this cool material and point out not only its benefits, but also its magnificence.

Project description

In addition to the Parachute Tower itself, the bachelor's thesis in question also includes the revitalization of Kolman's garden, located between Prešov Calvary and Torysa. In the past, it was a frequently visited place due to botanical, cultural and sporting events, but today it is completely neglected. The infrastructure design of the nature trail with three objects - Animopavilion, Fytopavilion and Coffe house Libresso was developed in 2015 by three students. This work deals mainly with the addition of a sports component in the form of the Parachute Tower, which also stood here in the past. In addition to training parachutists, it also served the public. This tower is also formed in this spirit, moreover, supplemented by a ladder, which has created a compact circuit with the possibility of organizing a sports competition. The intention was to supplement the design of the environment with another meeting point not only for the competitors but also for the public with the view from the footbridge. These improvements will make the garden more attractive and prosperous, thus preventing further decay. The appearance of the tower is based on the subtlety of the power lines and the aim was to simplify and lighten its steel structure as much as possible, to create the impression of a kind of lability and uncertainty in the visitor's eye. The "V" shape of the tower with the foundations based on a single point is corresponding to that. One arm consists of 8 floors of a double-armed staircase with an intermediate landing acting as consoles, and the other arm or a vertical pressed element consists of 4 columns arranged in a rectangle and inside has an integrated special ladder with a safety mechanism. Both of these vertical elements take you all the way up to the footbridge that connects them. The dominant feature of the tower is the propeller on top, which serves as a brake when jumping instead of a parachute.

Technical information

The structure of the tower is made of steel with a surface treatment for exterior steel by GreenCoat. Various profile elements was applied. The 4 main vertical elements of the staircase are made of HEB 300 profiles. The staircase is made of two U 200 profile staircases and smoothly transition into the console of the intermediate landings, which are made of U 240 profiles. The staircase is placed on I 200 profiles, horizontal elements that connect the HEB profiles. On the other side, where the ladder is, there is a printed system made of columns with a diameter of 120 mm and a cross-section of round profiles with a thickness of 75 mm. The footbridge at the top consists mainly of the U 240 profile, which is reinforced with transverse T 100 profiles, every 1000mm, on which the OMEGA profile is placed, which connects the individual footbridge grids. The railing on the footbridge is created in the same way, so the whole thing resembles a kind of trough. The footbridge is also reinforced with a turnbuckle beam. The spatial load-bearing capacity of the entire tower is ensured by 4 steel cables, with huge foundations in the ground, which also define the space around the tower.


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