Handloom Design and Promotional Center

Ishani Gamage
City School of Architecture (CSA), Colombo
Sri Lanka

Project idea

The proposed Handloom design and promotional center is located in Baththaramulla, Sri lanka; In close proximity to the capital of the island nation. Design objective of the project is to raise awareness of Sri Lankan handloom industry and broaden its local/ international market.

Project description

The project includes design studios, a performance gallery, public gathering areas, personal boutique accommodation facilities for local & foreign business visitors, and an overall masterplan to improve and enhance macro contextual social activity patterns.

*Built area- 2600sqm
*Architecture Style- Sri Lankan Contemporary architecture in fusion with Modern Facade Solutions
*Design Considerations- Building placement in response to sun path, wind path, Sustainable Choice of material, integrated waste disposal plan, public access plan for pedestrians and Cyclers

Technical information

The scheme is designed to function with natural sunlight and natural ventilation an much as possible. All public areas (gallery/ workshops/ lobby/ restaurant and passages) will be ventilated naturally. Placement of artificial water bodies shall cool down the heat of the exiting environment.

Building materials are carefully chosen to maximize the project feasibility and sustainability. Reused clay tiles are proposed to be used for roofs. And reused colored glass are proposed to be used for the vertical louver facade of the main building.

The Main structures are elevated 1400mm above ground for architectural qualities as well as to minimize the building footprint- and maximize efficient rainwater drainage within the land.

According to overall masterplan; the built area of the project has been minimized in order to dedicate 1/3 of the land for a bio park; where local herbal plants will be grown.

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