High-rise Mixed-Use Building

Rodas wolde , Betelhem Mengesha

Project idea

In designing a space that can seamlessly be used by all the user groups possible in that particular context the term inclusiveness comes to our mind. An inclusive design must be easy to use by all types of people. The design project is high-rise mixed-use office building, located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Around Mexico and in this project the main aim is designing an inclusive office space as barrier free and convenient to use as possible. Due to the high mobility around the corridors, the design consists of a path way intersecting the two podiums in which it has been integrated into pedestrian network of the neighborhood with strategically placed entrances, spacious passages and corridors, thus enabling easy movement and access for all.

By creating all-inclusive spaces and implementing features that speaks to the need and comfort of people from all walks of life, the design consists end-user stress free and provide everyone with comfortable and efficient access to overall building services, created spaces that will make the dwellers of the building connect more on personal and work life.

Project description

The design project is a high-rise mixed-use office building, located in the center of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia around Mexico covering a plot area of 9,112 square meters. Overall composing a 36-Floors, with 2 commercial podiums joined by a glass bridge. One with 4 Floor and the other 3, leaving 28 Floors for office purposes and 2 floors for sky lounge.
The idea of the project is Including different types of firms with different purposes with in one building supporting the concept Inclusiveness and analysis of the surrounding context. On the tower, within difference of every 5 floors different types of firms are located giving 5 floors for one firm each. The bridge connecting the 2 podiums serves us an outdoor service for café located at the small podium. The bridge is also constructed with tempered glass keeping the visual connection with the atrium (path way intersecting the 2 podiums) located on the ground level. The atrium provided at ground level is supported with vegetation and sitting spaces, giving an intriguing feeling to the passersby; a welcoming feeling to the complex.
The Main building Concept & Form Evolution is also based on the site contextualization. Mexico is well-known for being the most vibrant section of the city in Addis Ababa. The site corridor holds the most activity throughout the day. It is rich in diversity of people and activity of work. these include, an Elevated LRT line that section the city in to four sections, old hotels that have significant value, Government institution and office buildings, the ongoing project head quarter bank office building, shopping centers, street vendors and the non-ending activity of transportation and so on. And by this the site is known for its chaotic movement characters comparing to the adjacent side of Mexico streets. The certain characters mentioned above can be taken as positive and negative. In contemplating those characters, the design interprets it using the positive approaches and retract the negative in the best way possible.

Technical information

The technical systems of the building were thought through to make it easy for usability and maintenance, as well as show sustainable features as much as possible. The structure of the podium is conventional outrigger structure. which uses mega columns with high span within the support of truss functioning as a beam. This made the beam structure not to require a concrete filling. the belt trusses also give the building extra compression strength. These belt trusses are placed within 6 floor difference. for the podium the suggestion was, a framed structure that is connected to the basement structure. And for the foundation, a shallow or grillage foundation to help the high spanning column structures.
Coming to the HVAC system, it was sectioned in to two parts to make the building well ventilated. One is located on the roof of the building. and the other is in the basement of the building. This HVAC system mainly serves for the core area and the podium. The tower mostly ventilates itself through the glazing provided.
To connect the two podiums the suggestion was to use an atrium. This atrium allows wind to pass through the building serve as a walkway from one part of the building to the other as well. It is a tempered glass with a steel frame.
The other technical part of the system was included in the core area of the building like grey water collecting, shafts, pure water supply, electric supplies, waste water removal systems and others. for Instance; the rain water is collected from the roof of the building and is dragged to the core that leads straight to the basement where a rain water recycling system is laid out. Then after filtration and cleaning the grey water, it is stored in the water container which then is distributed throughout the building for an immediate use. There are also intruded spaced every 5th floor throughout the tower which has green floors, serving as a communal space. These spaces provide pure air for three floors each and can be accessed from one floor to another by the modular stairs provided.
Regarding sustainability: - well thought landscape form for shading, well distributed natural ventilation, intruded green spaces for common activities in the offices, interior green spaces for more ventilation, Green floors, materials with less impact to the environment. And on the visual form, most side of the building has curved form showing and also decreasing in size shapeshifting as well, Showing off the interpretation of our concept.

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