Highrise Mixeduse building

Tsegamariam Abebe , Fikrya Mursela, Amanuel Sheferaw - Instructor, Wubishet Demissie - Instructor

Project idea


Meanwhile the term "nature" is broad and encompasses a variety of elements, the project wanted to concentrate on three things in the building: wind, sunlight, and vegetation. The building's outlines takes after master plan intervention on the designated site and building plot, and also use the outline for the podium of the building to make it adaptable or in harmony with the site. The majority of the nearby buildings have rectangle shapes. Therefore, took these rigged forms for the tower.

 Human perspective and structural alignment with the podium were taken into consideration when choosing the tower's location & providing it a place. The tower Rotated 45 degrees so the longest side of the building would not first confront the sun's fierce rays. One way to provide natural ventilation in a building is to create an open down however, since the project is a tower, produced open down will be gloomy and won't allow wind flow as needed because of the tower's height.

 Instead, creating breathing masses and opening the cross and diagonal open down in the tower, to increase/maximize the wind flow inside the tower and to provide smooth wind flow around the building, further chamfer the breathing masses. To produce a sustainable high-rise building, adding adaptive solar panel for the faced in addition to the greenery. Rotate the floors by jumping one story; the resulting left-out areas will serve as greenery.

Project description

The form and position on the site were determined to respond to the site context. The main entrance for both vehicles and pedestrian is on a sub-arterial street, reducing traffic congestion on the main street (primary Arterial Street); but it provides an emergency and a second entrance for pedestrians only on the main street side.
The entire podium part is commercial to take advantage of the high activity around the site. It also has an open plaza in the center of the ground to exercise open market inside the building.

Technical information

- The tower has 135m height, it provides an escalator to allow users to explore the commercial activity and create a visual connection. Provide two lifts for the audience in the hall and place them near the entrance, so that they are easily accessible. For the tower, use a central core structure with 6 lifts leading to training centers, offices, and restaurants. - it has 75 surface parking spaces including supply and emergency parking and 333 car parking spaces on the 3 basements. And also use a waffle structure for the slab and exposed it in the restaurant and open plaza area by combining the structure with a column.
- In addition to the diagonal open down in the center of the tower, it has a central chiller system for ventilation because it’s not possible to create active ventilation or direct opening the windows above the 16th floor in Addis Ababa.
- The foundation of the high-rise building is pile that is sunk into the ground, the building needs to withstand the lateral forces imposed by winds, potential earthquakes and vibration of the train that exists in front of the given site.- The High-rise building is enclosed by curtain walls; these are non-load-bearing sheets of glass & metal the west and south parts of it is covered by solar adaptive solar panel. Because of the height and its large occupant populations, high-rises require the careful provision of life-safety systems, so the open plazas serve as fire escape evacuation assembly areas.
plumbing, the system of pipes and fixtures installed in a building for the distribution and use of potable (drinkable) water, and the removal of waterborne wastes near the wet area on the floor to minimize installation of pipe cost and time.- The entire floors are often dedicated to the water chillers, boilers, pumps, and generators.- Functional arrangement of the building is commercial on the podium, training center, café, rental office, art gallery, CEO office & observatory

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