Stanisław Czujkowski
West Pomeranian University of Technology, (Zachodniopomorski Uniwersytet Technologiczny), Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, [Szczecin]

Project idea

In recent years, there has been a decline in social activity in various age groups, both in the elderly,
people of working age, children and adolescents. Older people and the youngest living in densely populated
areas often suer from the inability to rest in the natural environment or attend cultural events due to
communication diculties or lack of independence. A frequent problem is also the disappearance of people's
interest in all age groups - people who do not know how to spend their time in an interesting and creative way
decide to abandon rehearsals and spend time in four walls. This results in a decline in artistic and cultural
initiatives, the organization of events, workshops, activities, and hence the attractiveness of the city. An
important task of the city is to create opportunities for development, learning and entertainment for its
inhabitants. Creating places for the exchange of ideas and dialogue. Places open to everyone, giving the
opportunity to develop and create..

Project description

Such places are also lacking for creative people who link the future, professional life with the broadly
understood creative sector. Graduates and students of technical and artistic universities in Szczecin often face
the problem of a lack of infrastructure, technical facilities or support during or after their studies. Many
talented people, due to the inability to develop their own product or art, decide to leave the country in search of
support, investors or other work. In other cases, projects die before they are born due to impossibility. It is
important to give creative people a platform to express themselves, to create products, deliver services and

Technical information

The project of an art and industry incubator is to be a response to existing problems, additionally
adding another value - a space for rest, relaxation, conversation, as well as fun, a sense of security and isolation
from the surrounding city. The idea behind the project is to create intimate spaces inside the plot through dense
development and two atriums and transfer the greenery to the terraces of the building. Where to feel a certain
privacy, freedom and more opportunities. The choice of location was determined by history - Dzielnica turzyn -
once a more fashionable district of the city, with wide streets, lines of trees, parks and ubiquitous greenery,
today it has lost its splendor. Located at the intersection of Żółkiewskiego and Bohaterów Warszawy streets,
the plot with post-industrial development turned out to be an excellent choice in the context of giving urban
areas a second life. The project is to have a positive impact not only on the local residents, but also on all
residents of Szczecin and the surrounding area, creating at the same time potential opportunities for the city's

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