E-Station-Mar Mikhael-Beirut

Jean Paul Tabet
Notre Dame University–Louaize, Faculty of Architecture, Louaize

Project idea

The existing structures are embodied as memory silhouettes, lifeless and obsolete. The design intervention that will revive the train station that was affected by the blast and already abandoned from the civil war is an insertion of an exterior element, that will form a bond with the existing creating a new dimension to it. Both existing and new are dependent on each other, where the new takes refined characteristics from the existing to enhance its structure, spatial quality and reactivate it to the public.

Project description

The station is islanded around the neighborhood and neglected, and most people have no interaction with it even though it was a landmark from the past. The aim of this project is to insert an odd yet interesting function to attract the audience to discover.

Technical information

The project is a creative technological hub that aims to aid the youth in their technological skills and knowledge since we are in a digital era where we are connected either directly or indirectly to a technological aspect. Therefore this program helps the youth be more creative and use technology as part of their daily life either for a career or general knowledge

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