Urban Design and Landscape

The Source - Port in the city of Beirut

Dominika Chrzanowska, Sara Goliszek
Politechnika Białostocka

Project idea

The Source - Port in the city of Beirut is and idea to create new space for the area of the Explosion. Name "The Source" relates both to the city name "Beirut" and to the source of the explosion - they created main concept on how to connect function and design to meet both port infrastructure and people needs. Many circle paths and roads surround the only one building that survived. Silos became our source - of the explosion, of the idea, of the memory spot and of the new Port of Beirut.

Project description

In the main part there are public spaces that contain lots of spots for culture. Our aim was to cover the terrain with greenery, art and people. Thanks to that we could separate technical spaces from public ones.
We designed some main buildings with interesting architecture solutions both to inspire and function properly.

Technical information

Project was made in AutoCAD, Photoshop, SketchUp and Lumion.
It contains 4 boards with analyses, diagrams, plan and visualisations.
Made under the supervision of dr inż. arch Magdalena Sulima.

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