Interior Design

Green Earth

Chien-Chia Kung
Raffles College of Higher Education
Taiwan, Province of China

Project idea

The environmental pollution problem is a severe issue in Taiwan; because of the heavy industry and a large amount of transportation, they damage the country's environment.
The greenhouse gases, such as CO2, NOx, SOx, NMHC, CO, and PM 2.5, will pollute the environment and impact the habitat of animals and plants.
For the pollution problem in Taiwan, a science research center to investigate it is necessary.

Project description

Green Earth is an environmental pollution research center for scientists where it is located in Chiayi, Taiwan.
This building is mainly for scientists to find out the effect of pollution in Taiwan and research the solution to reduce the impact on this country.
The research project in this center is air pollution, water pollution, animal DNA, and plants.
Also, provide an informal education lesson for visitors.

Technical information

Wind power ganerator
This research center can used this system to collect the wind power from West and Northwest.
Solar panel
The solar panel can collect the energy from daylighting to generate the electrical power for this building to use.
Water harvestor
The water harvestors on roof top are to collect the rain water and recycle the water to be use in the building, the water will goes in to water tanks throught the water pipe.

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