Urban Design and Landscape

The Fame city Square

Zacharia Bithulo, Jackson Tarimo

Project idea

This project is an idea generated by transforming symbols and infrastructures constructed by first five presidential phases of Tanzania into garden square elements to create a memorial touristic square where it can act as an open fame museum of the capital city of this Nation, whereby people will experience and touch these elements where each element represents a certain event or infrastructure constructed by a named president instead of designing a memorial museum.
The project has a 10 newsletter softcopy is also available online which describes the whole designing process of the Fame square.

Project description

The problem was a need of Presidential museum in the country where people will read and memorise different achievements of presidents, but as Architects we came up with this solution due to poor performance of attendance in museums, so through this open museum as a Fame city square garden people can read,observe,touch and use these memorial elements.

Technical information

The project is more specified in landscapes and structural basis and more usage of green designs in these elements

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