Interior Design

Tea Culture of Art Space

China university of technology
Taiwan, Province of China

Project idea

Tea was grown in the forest and mountain; ceramic is from the earth. Both were born from the earth with close correlations, echoing with the earth. In order to make the space poetic, the conception of the space is developed from poems. The core concept is to allow diverse views to be revealed with every step. This enables people to slow down, taste the tea mindfully, appreciate the art, and embrace the inspirations transferred from the tea and this artistic space.

Project description

Furthermore, the space also combines with the local culture. Gathering with tea, art and living to start, we could realize prolonged and intense contemplation, the beauty of silence when we come here and experience tea tasting.

Technical information

1. The design for outer space: Creating the inner space which is aligned with the exterior pool when people stay at the interior room. They could see the space just like endless area.

2. The design for inner space: When the people look inside of the space, the views are overlapped and they could see the changing of shadow from day to night.

3. The design for traffic flow: All the spaces in this building have the connections. We could enjoy the different views in every space and we could fully appreciate their beauty.

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