materium- Eine Materialbibliothek mit Depots und Museum für Stuttgart

Lea Kircher, Meike Jordan
University of Kassel, Faculty of Architecture and urban planning, Kassel, Germany

Project idea

Innovative Materials and saving all materials are more and more important while there are getting less. To collect all the materials there has to be one big library. Stuttgart ist the best place for this library because of the university and a lot of material research in different companies. There also has to be a museum for interested people and a depot for experiments.

Project description

In case of less materials and climate crisis, there has to be a big change in the building sector. Building has to be long lasting and saving materials. You have to watch for a positive ecological balance and producing less of co2. In case of demolition there have to be material passes to reuse all the materials.

Technical information

This building is completely energy self-sufficient and there is very little house technic. To save concrete the building is a complete wood-building. a lot of Photovoltaic helps to supply the building itself and the environment with power.


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