Interior Design

Modern Bathroom

Cănățui Doina
Technical University of Moldova, Urbanism and Architecture Faculty

Project idea

The aim of this project was to arrange a modern, stylish bathroom for an average family.

Project description

This bathroom is a concept project where all the necessary sanitary elements are included. The whole bathroom is made in shades of gray with an accent on its 2 walls which are decorated with tiles in forest green colour. I think that this colours are the best for a chill and relaxed atmosphere of a bathroom.

Technical information

It is a bathroom with an area of 12 square meters. The height of the ceiling is 2.7m. This includes the 1000x800mm shower, the 1850x900mm bathtub, the 830mm high washbasin, and the 325mm high toilet and bidet. There is also a ventilation system on the right side of the room of 900x360mm.

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