Redesign of Beirut Port

Ahmed Elgendii, Ahmed Osama, Ahmed Mohamed, Maysoon Mohamed, Neveen Mustafa
Shorouk Academy

Project idea

Our main idea as a team is to rebuild the port in order to operate within the seven operational zones which are :( The container terminal, the empty container zone, the general/conventional cargo zone, the silos building, the free zone, the passenger terminal, and the existing port administration with its parking).
Plus we added business parks, banks, trading market to widen the range of business
entertainment zone with malls, and hotels to open the port for common use not only transportation and trading

Project description

we added so many aspects in the reconstruction of the port to improve Beirut’s economy and income
beside the seven operational areas we added memorial museum, exhibitions zone, business parks, entertainment zone, more green area to achieve sustainability
and also we reconstructed the roads to serve the new buildings and to reach the port easily
group members :
Ahmed Adel Elgendii
Ahmed Mohamed Gaballah
Ahmed Osama
Kamal Walid
Mohanad Metwally
Nour Sherif
Maysoon Mohamed Hassan
Nada Shaban
Nada Maged Bakier
Nourhan Adel Ahmed Fouad
Neveen Mustafa Habib
Yara Mohamed Nassef
Yasmeen Tarek

Technical information

We tended to design the whole port with organic urban design to go along with the port outline and to harmonize the roads and the buildings together
The buildings are created with waterfront materials in order to avoid corrosion and also the silos and the container were replaced with an entertainment zone and memorial museum to immortalize the memory of the victims of the accidents
A floating bridge around the entertainment zone reaching the traveler’s building to allow more people to room around the port as we aim to attract locals and tourists and businessmen
Locals and tourists mainly will go for the museum, opera, hotels , libraries , malls , open areas
And businessmen will go for the business parks and exhibition centers

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