Interior Design

Dandelion Coworking

Alla Bobr
Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transportation and Architecture (KSUCTA)

Project idea

Coworking space.
The coworking space is inspired by author Ray Bradbury's book Dandelion Wine. Which is able to "cork summer in bottles", a book that takes you to a sunny world.
Coworking is a place where people come to work, communicate, and make new acquaintances. All amenities for comfortable work are provided. There are both individual places and places for collective projects. A place where you can hold master classes, interviews, various courses and lessons, and the like.

Project description

Zones are separated by lines on the floor.
In the negotiation area, above the round table, an unusual chandelier made of separate elements illuminates the space like fireflies.
The relaxation and communication area is filled with sunlight, warm lighting and a cozy relaxing atmosphere. I wanted to create the feeling of being in a forest, as if you were sitting on damp grass and basking in the warmth of a smoldering fire.
And in the coffee point area, at the table with bar stools, the atmosphere of a forest with many plants is created.

Technical information

Modular, mobile furniture has also been developed. Dandelion became inspiration and basis. The system consists of a metal case, transparent acrylic, lifting mechanism. Removable chairs at the top and padded pouffes at the bottom. Also, the furniture in the common area can be shifted and moved, depending on the situation and, for example, the gathered company.
Ceiling lighting adds playfulness to the interior.
Used color palette: yellow, gray, green-gray, light wood, white.

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