Urban Design and Landscape

The Pulsating Beirut Port

Waleed Hesham Shehata, Hisham Abdulhalim Ahmed, Youssef Monier Ahmed, Abualhaasan Muhammed Abualhaasan, Merna Mohamad Abdelrahman
Shorouk Academy

Project idea

-There are the main keywords we have considered while designing this project which is different than any other project.
-and here we are with all the hope and all the love we carry in our hearts to this country we proudly present this project
-the explosion of the dock, during the pandemic in 2020 which made the economic state go downhill, citizens were shocked and depressed. so our focal points while redesigning the port are the citizens and city’s economic state, we are trying to make the citizens forget the drastic memories and give them a better experience of life. To improve the city’s economy, we are planning to create more activities that attract tourists thus providing a hard currency that will help improve the state of the economy.
It has always been a country of arts and creativity .We cared about zones separation and good circulation and the separation between the working area and other zones. Containers part which was the main reason of the explosion is well separated to avoid any other explosions. last but never least, the design of the bridge which connect five main zones in the port (art , economical , culture, nature and memorial).
-Starting with the huge entrance with a memorial setup carrying the names of the martyrs and the victims as a little appreciation for them and their families and to never forget them, they will always be in our hearts.
-Relying on a central green space in the port called (The Park)
-Preserving the silo to commemorate the victims of the Beirut port explosion and making it an important landmark for the port.

Project description

The design includes many different zones with different activities which all can help the port to regain its importance .Each zone has its own goal to achieve in the port and each part aims to a great meaning we would like to introduce .
1-Port Land:(Containers-Warehouses-Free Zone-Car Storage)
2-Administration zone:(Banks-Offices-Companies)
3-Passenger Zone:(Arrival building-terminal building)
4-Business Park Zone:(Business center-Companies-Business Tower)
5-Entertainment Zone:(Open Air Mall-Restaurants-Corniche-Mall Of Beirut-Shopping Center)
6-Culture Zone:(Opera-Museum-Library-Art Plaza-Pavilions)
7-Central Park:(Open Area-Food Court-Community Center)
8-Others:(Hotel-Compound-Car Showroom)

Waleed Hesham Shehata
Hisham Abdulhalim Ahmed
Youssef Monier Ahmed
Abualhaasan Muhammed
Merna Mohamad Abdelrahman
Mayada Hussein Ahmed
Mayar Ashraf Mohamed
Mayar Maged Muhamed
Nadeen Tarek Abulmagd
Mohamed Reda Mokhtar

Technical information

Taking into account the environmental pollution in Lebanon, we used environmentally friendly materials in the construction process
Replacing The Glass With Polycarbonate:A sustainable environmentally friendly and flame retardant material…a sound and heat insulating material
-The Use Of Green Concrete:(cheap and easy to get)
-Relying on natural lighting and designing to take advantage of indirect sunlight only
-The port has seven connection points with the street the containers and the main gate. We have made an extension enable us of having 3 new piers as they were 16 pier and became 19. After the extension, the ability and the capacity of the port increased by 115% which will totally help in so many economic and industrial levels.
The water recycling system recycles water to reuse it in watering all the green areas and spaces in the port .
Maintaining The Silo: A structural support system was putting in place for the silo and was used to maintain the structure to be safe for visitors to use as a memorial exhibition


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