Urban Design and Landscape

Redesign of Beirut Port

Mahmoud Ibrahim
Shorouk Academy

Project idea

The plan aspires to move the majority of the port’s activities away from the city center, and transform the most affected parts of it into a residential area

Project description

The project includes administrative and recreational areas, housing, green Spaces and the road
Elements of the project
‌ The renewal of the blast area (silos)
‌ The existence of the tourist area to attract tourists away from work areas
‌ The presence of area management
‌ Providing logic for workers at the port service-
‌ Factories for the manufacture, packaging and Alngfah
Project goals
‌ Determine the blast area and silos as a focal point and the centrality of the new city through the promotion and strengthening of the silos structure of functional and structural works as part of the public space and local market (market silos).
‌ Providing a tourist attraction in the port element
‌ He drew attention to the nature of the area carismatic give her character Ammaz
‌ To revive the area after the explosion, the presence of areas and commercial management

‌ Environmental studies

‌ Temperatures

‌ wind

Technical information

The buildings respond to the environment in terms of sustainability, through balanced interaction with natural resources such as the sun, wind, land topography, and available building materials and their adaptation to social values and customs


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