General hospital project

Zubaida Emad
Salahaddin University-Erbil, Architectural Engineering Department

Project idea

Project idea:
The design philosophy is
“design a hospital, not a hospital”
Concept is to design a hospital that is not like a hospital to make patients feel like they are not in a hospital and make them more comfortable, love the place, and psychological healing.

1. Form: the overall building when someone sees it and their first words will be “this is not a hospital"
2. Functional: it will work as a hospital but with appearance opposite to it.

Project description

Project description:
The hospital consists of 200 beds from several departments (Emergency, Maternity, X-ray, Laboratory, Outpatient Clinics, inpatient, physical therapy, Pharmacy, Operation and wards) all zones have been organized and ordered in a functional and suitable way by connecting them with hospital street and central courtyard including trees and landscape

Site plan of the general hospital surrounded by buffer zone including:
1. hardscape (cars parking, ambulances parking, pedestrian and secondary roads)
2. Softscape ( trees, flowers and several types of plants)

Technical information

The project has been designed by using:
• auto-cad
• 3ds max
• lumion
• photoshop

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