Interior Design


Xining Liu
Raffles College of Higher Education

Project idea

Based on the pandemic situation, how to maintain the vitality of the restaurant and customer dining experience is worth paying attention to. The design aims to strengthen the connection between the restaurant and the surrounding community and help people have a quiet, comfortable, safe dining and social experience outside of their busy lives, thereby relieving mental stress.

Project description

The design concept is derived from the desert oasis, where the plants of the oasis remain strong in the harsh environment of nature and still provide a place for people to rest in difficult circumstances. That kind of unyielding spirit is what this design wants to convey, especially in this special time of the pandemic.

Therefore, in the overall color and material collocation, the desert oasis elements are considered, including the suspended ceiling of dead branches, the combination of rattan chair and rock board table, and the indoor green plants.

This design project focuses on building multifunctional Spaces. It is divided into four main areas: open kitchen, bar area, dining area on the second floor, and outdoor lounge area. The bar area and outdoor lounge area are key to keeping the restaurant alive. These two areas can be used for social activities outside business hours. For example, use the farming area outside the restaurant to teach customers about growing vegetables and encourage them to share farming tips with each other. This is not only conducive to social interaction, but also gives people a topic to increase understanding, and can learn new knowledge to use at home. The use and layout of plants in the dining area on the second floor are designed to help the client enhance the natural atmosphere, thus facilitating a relaxed and enjoyable meal.

Technical information

Column-free: Floorplates
Floor to Ceiling Height: 2.94m at 1F and 2,75m at 2F

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