Business Centre in Iasi, Romania

Cozmei Vlad-Denis
Universitatea Tehnică "Gheorghe Asachi", Facultatea de Arhitectură, Iaşi

Project idea

This project is a business centre consisting of office buildings and a gym. In addition to the two functions, the entire complex benefits from commercial spaces, services for office staff and a restaurant. The site is located between two streets with a high pedestrian and car flow. Analysis of the site led to the creation of a square facing one of the streets, the green area having a continuation in the form of a greenhouse inside the building.

Project description

The solution wanted to mark the site by the high rise volume, the area where the business centre was located being one with a poor architectural quality. Taking into account that the site is surrounded by residential buildings, the project also included a sports hall with tennis court and a restaurant, thus bringing a plus to the inhabitants of the area.

Technical information

The construction is based on a metal structure, with curtain walls on all sides to provide a significant amount of light for the offices.


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