RETHINKING HOSPITALITY : An Adaptable Design for Pandemic

Saima Sarwar Riana
Khulna University of Engineering and Technology, Khulna

Project idea

After pandemics people have rearrange their lifestyle and practices in
a different ways. The past two years under the pandemic have forced
many kinds of changes across the society and all over the world. There
was a social media viral quote like “ CHANGE OR DIE ” is absolutely a
cliche but it’s an unpleasant truth.

As well as changing our regular way of life, there must be some
changes in Architecture. And when it’s the discussion about Architecture,
first we need to talk about crowded or public places mostly.

An university Cafeteria is one of those crowded place where students
usually go to eat but also to catch up and gossip. They go there for
refreshment and social interaction to keep their mind and brain stress free.
That’s why we can’t make it stop. In this kind of places, maintaining the
social distance and interaction is a big challenge in current situation.

As we can’t stop students from going to Cafeteria, in this project our
main intension to focus on the fact called “PANDEMIC”.

Project description

My main focus of this project was Rethinking and Redefining the crowd zone maintaining proper visual and social connectivity.

Technical information

SITE CONTEXT: The site of the project is in Khulna University of Engineering
and Technology, Khulna and between the EEE building and
Auditorium where the old cafeteria took place.

It’s easy to access from everywhere in KUET. Behind the site
there is the central field , A huge open green space and that’s
also in the East, So fresh air comes from that
South-East corner.

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