Sustainable Roof Top Cafeteria

Wabbi Isaac
Kyambogo University

Project idea

Following the COPS26 Climate summit in Glasgow, this project brief was to develop a sustainable rooftop cafeteria design concept feeding close to 200 office workers daily.
The design was to incorporate carbon-free design strategies hence the use of sustainable materials mainly engineered timber and Bamboo, Biophilic design, Harness natural daylight and natural airflow, Solar PV power, and energy-efficient kitchen appliances hence induction cooktops and biogas cooktops in the kitchen area.
The design was to minimize demolitions, wastage as construction waste is environmentally detrimental, reuse existing rooftop structures like clay rooftop tiles are to be reconditioned and polished.
The project is to serve as a demonstration of sustainability in design and construction as well.

Project description

The project area covers an average of 1000sqmeters, it involves the construction of two shades that are interlinked through an existing structure/block which will be retrofitted sustainably.
The project shall provide meals to office employees.
This space is designed to be flexible to allow for multi-purpose use to mention but a few include a conference hall, exercise center, wedding receptions, among others.

Technical information

Materials:- Sustainable materials are to be used mainly engineered timber and bamboo
Species for the frames and columns shall be machined out of Teak/Muvule/Musambya or Eucalyptus trees
Buffle Ceiling and wall panels to be machined out of engineered bamboo (Light and strong)
Fire is catered for in section design, Lightning arrester installation, and Waterhorse reel installation
All parts are pre-machined in the factory and assemble at the site to minimize wastage.
The roof shall be grass thath/straw.

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