Urban Design and Landscape

Holística Costera

Roger Cumbajin
Universidad Central del Ecuador / Arquitectura y Urbanismo

Project idea

This project is located in Ecuador, province of Manabí in the coastal city of Pedernales; the site is ideal and strategic both for its environment and background, so that in 2016 this province was the epicenter of the strongest earthquake ever in Ecuador, where the degree of damage was considerably high, notably affecting the quality of life of all the people of this province; It is also important to mention that in 2019 the construction of a basic hospital was planned by the Ecuadorian national government, which to date has not been built, thus creating problems of all kinds and thus avoiding its development as a city.

Project description

The plot where the construction of said element is proposed handles an area of 05 hectares where it is stated that 60% of it is considered for free and recreational areas while 40% with the construction of 03 blocks, the first block focused on health, it includes basic activities of a hospital such as emergency, rehabilitation, surgery and intensive care; the second block handles aspects of recreation and leisure, in which we can find wetlands, commerce and diversity of workshops, finally the third block maintains the social sense with the creation of an auditorium and exhibition hall. These blocks are not isolated as they remain connected through a central plaza and bodies of water, which allows the inhabitant to maintain their identity with the architectural proposal.

Technical information

The structural notion is based on tree-lined columns that lead to roofed connections with structural tubing and metal profiles. Taking into account that the ground is feasible for construction, it is decided to operate with the use of piles, which with metal plates are forged the foundations where the main and secondary columns are based for the rigidity of the metal membrane that surrounds the entire complex. In the cladding, steel plates are used to reflect UV rays and long profiles are used in the windows. The envelope of green roofs is adapted with the correct management of drainage, maintaining and balancing the aesthetics.

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